Boyd and cooper trade

Would you trade Boyd for Cooper ??? Every place I ask I don’t get an answer. Any advice helps.

Straight up? Absolutely, the Cooper side wins everytime. In fact, being a Cooper owner i wouldn’t do that trade, so if that’s what was offered to you take it.

I think its closer than people think. Boyd produced as a high end WR2 game in and game out last year, then, week 1 this year, did it again. So, we know his production; but, he has limited upside because of the offense and QB.

Cooper did what he always does: blow up. Last year, even in his incredible run with Dallas, he still had multiple weeks with less than 7 PPR points. Other than the 1 outlier year, Cooper has never produced game in and game out with any level of consistency even if he finishes as a top 15 guy. Also, Dak threw for an abnormal amount of yards, Zeke played significantly less than normal, and Dallas score more than typical. So, it was clearly a great game. Great games are not consistent.

I think it comes down to what you need and what you believe. If you need a consistent WR2, keep Boyd. If you need nitro and can roll with the bad games from Cooper because the rest of your team is safe, go Cooper. If you’re a Cooper truther (no data to support it) then roll with your gut, who knows, maybe he is that good

I don’t know I just feel like cooper is the safer one of the 2. better offensive new offensive coordinator.

He might be; but years of production and data show that Cooper is anything but safe. You need to decide if the data is representative of who Cooper is or if the pieces around him are. I lean on the side of data but there are plenty of people who say otherwise. I think, in this case, you need to make a call and no matter the outcome be okay that you are taking a risk. If it pays off, you’re happy; if it doesn’t, you made a call, oh well, it happens