Boyd, brown, or MVS?

PPR league… I need to start 2… Tyler Boyd, John brown, or MVS??

It’s close in PPR but i would go Brown and MVS personally. If you look like you’ll win this week by a good margin or if MVS goes off tonight say 100+ and a touch i don’t mind taking the safe floor option of Boyd.

Boyd will get the targets and receptions but vs the Ravens without AJ Green to help his upside is severely capped. Brown against the faltering Bengals DST could be a good play this week. However if Flacco is out you have to go Boyd over Brown until we see who starts for the Ravens and what that offense looks like.

Thank you for the interesting strategy. I am very worried about this flacco situation. almost all fantasy sites have brown over MVS and Boyd this week.

I would suspect this is based on the assumption that Flacco plays. If he gets declared out most decent sites/rankings should be moving Brown and all Ravens pass catchers down by a considerable margin, especially if Jackson gets the start it makes Brown and co very risky plays with no data or trends to go on.

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I agree with that I guess ill hold out until more injury info is out for CIN vs BAL. Seahawks and Packers matchups have been very high scoring in recent years… so im hoping for more of the same.

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i would be surprised if MVS has a dud or quiet game. With Jones keeping them honest, Rodgers has the ability to hot anyone, anywhere so if Adams gets the top corner and help, Jimmy G gets possible safety attention so MVS could see one on one a lot of the game. As an elite speed guy he only needs to break one and you know that Rodgers will get it to him if he see’s him beating one v one so a long TD pass is definitely in play alongside the other work MVS gets he should be a fine WR2 play.

Thanks for your help. Its hard for me to consider benching boyd or brown given how good they have been this season

I totally get that and you never know Jakcson could play for Flacco and look like Vick 2.0 out there and Brown has a monster game. When you get a situation change you need a game at least to see what’s what, same with a player returning from injury if you can give yourself a game to sit them and see what happens do so. Sure it’s great to roll the dice and be right but at this point it’s a pure gamble and not playing the odds, Brown may have a huge game but he could also goose with new QB. Boyd without Green isn’t quite the same threat and MVS has the better situation right now. It is a tough call though with Boyd and Brown I get that for sure

I agree. thanks for talking me thought this. Even if Flacco and green play, Id probably go with boyd…?

No worries man always good to chat through! Well if Green plays then i’d play Boyd in that situation just as he gets those slot targets with Green drawing the coverage away. If say you are down a lot after Thursday then with Flacco in Brown could be a good swing for the fences play but with both him and Green in this scenario playing i’d go Boyd yes

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Well MVS let all of this down! Gotta love fantasy, but the process was sound just a really disappointing game from MVS. I didn’t see it to know what happened to him all night but really didn’t see that dud coming