Boyd for golladay?

I’d be getting Golladay what ya think? I already have obj devant Adams and Adam Thielen so it’s not a dire trade or anything

Or should I go for the guys Alex Collins

Depends on what your team looks like overall and the scoring system

Boyd and Golladay are a wash. Both are the #2 guys on their team so pretty lateral trade. Doesn’t accomplish much.

Is Golladay really the #2 now with tate gone?.. just jones and him now

Yeah. MJJ still dominates in air yards and red zone looks. Golladay will have a slightly better floor given he’s the possession receiver but doesn’t have nearly the same ceiling as MJJ has.

With those WRs, you have, I’d turn Boyd into another RB (assuming you aren’t as deep there). Something of a Kerryon/Lindsay tier. I think you can definitely do better than Collins with Boyd tbh.

I have Melvin Gordon, Kareem Hunt, Jordan Howard, jalen Richard, Leonard Fournette and Royce Freeman at Rb

Jesus… maybe you could use TE help?

Half ppr

Gordon, Howard, Fournette, Chubb, jalen Richard, Royce Freeman Leonard Fournette are RBs

Theilen, Adams, obj, Sutton, Boyd, trequan smith are my wr.

I have George Kittle also have nick Chubb I forgot

What kinda RB could I get you think? I’m struggling to do trades lol seems like everyone needs RBs and I don’t think people value Boyd’s name… like he’s the 11th overall Wr and everyone in my league seems meh about him

Alright well I think at this point you’re trading just to trade than lol. Your roster doesn’t need much help (if any) and you should just focus on making the right start/sit decisions or trading based on bye weeks, but I don’t I’d still rather have Boyd > Golladay even with the bye this week.

That’s upsetting people aren’t valuing Boyd though, I’ve been targeting him everywhere I can. If it’s a keeper league or you guys play together every year, I’d look to trade for future picks maybe? Set yourself up. You’re good for this year.

If you really want to trade Boyd, I’d target Sony/White, Mack (who’s at an all-time high value so maybe not), or Kerryon

We don’t do picks, I wish we did. Lol but we don’t Dx
But we do play every year together haha

Part of me is just trading to trade I guess lol like I love trading but no one is valuing him like I said I’d love to flip him for a rb but everyone is needy and we have one dead team because a guy quit after he lost week one. :confused:

Well that’s annoying he quit like that. And trust me, I love trading too, but at some point you gotta be happy with what you have (as you should be) and call it good and go win the title.

He doesn’t have name value and he’s the #2 guy on a dalton led offense. He’s productive though. You could try and target someone like Aaron Jones or Lindsay. But both had big weeks so might be tough.