Boyd for Smallwood? would you do it

I need some help at WR and i think i can trade away W. Smallwood for T.Boyd…full point PPR league.

yeah… that’s a steal

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I have Clemente and considering him for boyd. Should I do that?

Yes. If you need WR vs a guy you hope gets the points from a RBBC

How about Marshawn lynch for boyd and deonte Forman

I’d not touching Freeman. Back 1 game and hurt again

depends on who your other RBs are, Lynch has been insanely solid excluding last game…the team with Boyd would probably jump on that

If you can get Boyd for less, why move Lynch for Boyd and a RB that’s going to be part of a committee? I’d prefer to move Lynch in a different deal if you can get Boyd for a Philly RB

Hmm yea.

How about lynch and mike Williams for ty Hilton and boyd

that’s not bad…who are your other RBs

2 solid WR… just depends on your RB depth. If I could get Boyd without moving Lynch, I’d start there and move on to another need

Other rbs
Melvin Gordon, Howard, Clemente, Lynch. Ronjones

Are your WR that thin you need to deal for 2?

Hmm kinda I just don’t have a solid wr2
MT, keke coutee, mike Williams, Keelan Cole, agholor

Probably should just take the trade proposal for Hilton for lynch

I’d take Boyd for the Philly RB and be happy :wink: