Boyd less AJ

I’m trying to determine if this AJ news helps or hurts Boyd. I think he has been the beneficiary of so much defensive attention directed at AJ. However this should equate to more targets for him, especially in the EZ. Could honestly go either way but one thing is for certain, it will impact his results.

As an AJ Green owner who has been trying to gauge what the proper trade offer is to obtain Boyd I have been thinking the same thing. I basically came to the conclusion that I think this hurts Boyd. Not a ton, but I think it does a little. He is going to be “the guy” now and with that comes #1 DB and double teams. I think Uzomah (sp) gets a bump but I see Boyd staying where he is or maybe taking a slight step back.

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It may largely be determined if they keep him in the slot or not. I like him more if he stays in the slot. If he moves to wide out, he may take a hit. But again, he is a great talent and should be in line for more opportunities.

He’ll definitely be activated in my lineup Sunday.

Absolutely. I’m still trying to acquire him so I can play him that’s for sure.

As an AJ owner with an open IR spot, I am thinking of going after Ross.

MVS and Tra’quan are both options as well and am trying to figure out what the best short term solution may be.

But to everyone’s point, Boyd will get a lot more attention now,