Boyd out for Week 16

So the WRs on my bench are Samuel and Humphries. Samuel has the best match-up vs the Falcons but I already have McCaffrey and Thomas at TE. Is it bananas to have three Panthers as starters? Humphries at Dallas is a little concerning especially if Winston was throwing a lot to Evans with the pressure at Baltimore. Thoughts?

If Humphries or Samuel are your ONLY options then I think you have to go with Samuels. But. A 3 player stack is very risky especially if the Panthers’ offense decides to just not show up, which it does randomly. I’d put Samuel in while wincing and just just pray that it’s a shootout between the Panthers and Falcons

Or I pick up Anderson or Foster, which I have Allen but at New England seems risky. I do have a waiver for Mayfield, could pick up Callaway since the last time they played the Bengals they both put up great numbers, that could be a potential nice stack.

Callaway is very boom/bust tho. I got a waiver wire for mayfield too. Rivers has carried me all year but has a tough matchup against Baltimore

Baltimore will be tough but hopefully Gordon plays to help him out. Meh, I might use Humphries, he should see some attention.