Boyd Trade Value

My team is terrible. I am thinking of trading Boyd primarily to position myself for next year’s draft. Is this enough of a haul for Boyd:

Boyd and a 5th rounder


Desean Jackson and a 3rd rounder

At first i thought it sounded good, but now I’m not sure… bc Boyd has been pretty good and almost eclipsing AJ Green even. What do you think?

I am buying as many shares of Boyd as I can get. I kept cole in 2 leagues but man i’m dumping cole if i can snag boyd. It’s gonna be a 1-2 punch over there.

Thanks. I’m actually pretty high on Boyd. I’m more so questioning whether the moving up from the 5th to the 3rd round is enough…

with winston back i think Djax’s value goes down

This is also on the table. Is this better?

Boyd and a 6th rounder


Josh Gordon and a 3rd rounder

If you are plotting for next year. That might be better. Ideally he develops later in the year and you have a nice WR.

but there is also larger risk there. He might not make it. Just think of that. He may not get up to speed and be cut or he may get back to his daemons