Boyd vs Ridley

tyler boyd and calvin ridley are both available on waivers and I want to make an attempt at one of them to solidify my WR. I am the Aj Green owner so I am leaning toward boyd in case his injury lingers. Should I do this or go for Ridley? Also considering Chris Carson as he was dropped late last week.

I forgot about the injury to Green. Boyd might make more sense because of that. Dalton doesn’t spread the ball around all that much. Matt Ryan spreads it around a ton these days, so Ridley will inevitably have some games where he doesn’t factor in at all. At least Boyd is the Bengals solidified WR2.


I think Ridley. His break out game was not a fluke, 3 tds was most likely a ceiling but his ability to get open with great route running and speed will make him like a 1B to Julio’s 1A. He will be open so much that Matt Ryan won’t not be able to throw him the ball. I understand the thought of grabbing Boyd to handcuff Green, but if Green doesn’t miss much time, then you would never play Green and Boyd both in your line up, where as you can definitely play both Green and Ridley as the season goes on.
I would pick up Ridley instead of Carson unless you are really hurting at RB.

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Ridley has higher upside and better QB

I like Boyd more. Dalton does best with 2 options, hes just not consistent season by season on who that person is. It’s been Sanu, marvin jones jr., eifert, now looks like it’s Boyd.

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I want both of these players right now, but in the one league where I had to choose I am going with Ridley. The Falcons defense is SERIOUSLY beat up(both starting safeties and a starting linebacker.

Those injuries mean more weeks like Brees and the Saints had against them. That means they are going to have to pass a ton each game to stay in them- much like KC has to do.

I do actually like Boyd this week more because they are playing Atlanta with a hobbled Green. But once Green is fully healthy, Ill take Ridley over Boyd every time.

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How much FAB are y’all willing to throw at Boyd?

I have old antiquated systems where i can’t get people to change to FAAB (if it ain’t broke don’t fix it mentality), but depending on who i have on my team i’d debate $20. I mean to me he’s a WR3.

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I currently have a $9 bid on him but I am going to listen to today’s episode and see if I should make a change.


I hope you got him! it sounds like $10 was what they claimed.

Give me Boyd all day. Boyd was highly involved before Green was injured last week. I honestly think I would try to find a way to roster them both though.


its boyd for me. Andy dalton has been aggressively spreading the ball around pretty well with quite a few pass attempts. Boyd plays on more snaps than ridley, and boyd looks to be the possession receiver. Andy Dalton looks his way quite a bit so far. I do not see his role decreasing through the season, and the AJ green injury only helps his cause.

Ridley still seems to be boom or bust.

I got him in one league. One guy bid $12 in my other.

I threw $15 and got him

Got him for $13.

tried $16 got outbid with a $25 bid for boyd. Ended up with Ridley with the #4 waiver claim in one league.