Boyd vs Sanu

I’m in two half point leagues and in both right now I have Boyd as my Flex. Am I overthinking it to want to start Sanu this week instead. He is on waivers in both. I wouldn’t have to drop Boyd to get him but I don’t want to do it unless I’m actually going to start him this one weekas I don’t think Sanu is worth an every-week stash. The over under this week is just so juicy

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I don’t think Miami is as bad as advertised in New England. I’d play Sanu. I picked him up for free cuz Evans is on bye but my question to you is:
Would you start Davante Adams over Boyd/Sanu? I just traded for Adams yesterday?

Thanks. On adams assuming he practices today i would. With Cobb out and Likely Allison as well I would need to throw Adams in if he plays.

I like Boyd. John Ross and Gio have already been ruled and eifert gone for the season. More targets for Boyd and Green. Freeman…Coleman…Julio…Ridley…Sanu… not sure how many targets Sanu gets with so many options in Atlanta

I had a very similar decision. I was debating starting Sanu over Lindsay. I had already decided to sit Boyd with a lot of hesitation.

He’s a good talent and should get a lot of the target shares, but with Mixon back, and the matchup with Xavien and Kirkpatrick, it really had me worried.

I picked up sanu and ended up dropping him after about a day and decided to go with Lindsay.

I think with Sanu, you get something like 7-9 targets, probably catches 5-6. So I was projecting him around 55-65 yds, with a chance at a TD. Let’s say that’s 15 pts in half PPR. Not bad, but with other factors too long to go over, I personally think that’s a top figure for him this week. So he’s a good flex play.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Boyd tops off at 60-70 yds with zero TD, even with something like 10-12 targets. I don’t think this is a ridiculous so I talked myself out of it that way.

Plus, why worry about the matchup when you have a juicy game with almost a 60 pt O/U?

I know Jason has Boyd as a start of the week, but I’ll pass.

Good luck with your decision.