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Bradford or Palmer Streamer QB?


I understand Palmer is at the colts but he lost David Johnson and he didn’t look very good at all.

Bradford played his tits off and I’m leaning towards him because I have Rudolph and my opponen thas Diggs. So point to him=points to me.

But I know the colts matchup can be so tasty.



Palmer. While he didn’t look great last week, one could argue that none of the 3 interceptions were his fault. I think he bounces back here because the Colts D is so bad it makes everyone look good, not to mention they’re missing their best player in Vontae Davis. Additionally, there are now concerns from the Vikes over Bradford’s knee. Looks like he will start on Sunday but I think that should make this decision easier for you


The only problem with Palmer is that he has lost brown for this week. This means no DJ and defense can concentrate against Fitzgerald. Colts are a bad team the lost of brown may not mean much.