Bradford or Tyrod?

Would you pick up Bradford or trade cheap for Tyrod? I have Diggs and it’s PPR. I have Dalton on my team and well… ya know…

I’m itching for Bradford tbh.

I like the Bradford pick up. He looked solid against a “supposedly” improved defense. Also he has healthy weapons, from Diggs, Thielen, Cook, and Rudolph.

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Yeah I think I’d rather drop a crappy player for Bradford than trade away iffy players for Tyrod

Yeah that was my thought process, sorry I didn’t touch on that. Bradford looks to be a great pick up then trade for a player who’s team shipped away his weapons. I just think there is more upside to Bradford.

But heres the thing… do I put him as my top priority? Or Golladay? I have Amari Cooper, Pryor and Diggs as my starting WR. Do I take the chance that no one goes after Bradford?

I’d have to ask how deep is your WR depth? If you’re solid at the WR spot maybe Bradford first, if not maybe take the risk for Kenny G and hope Bradford is left over. Take a look at your other league mates, because whoever has Luck might be shopping too.

I have:

I myself have Bradford and Tyrod taylor who would you recommend starting this week? Im leaning towards Bradford after seeing how he preformed last night

I’d be going Bradford playing Pit. He throws a lot and he’s efficient. I trust in him.

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I’d probably dump Kenny Britt or which ever player is on CLE. I guess it’s a risk play, who do you think will remain on the wire. I’m in that boat for TE. I’m going to look at the teams in my league to see who they have otherwise, I don’t see them taking a TE.

If Clay/Fleener is available I’d target them. Even Julius Thomas is a good shot to go for

Clay is available, but we just switched to a FAAB system and I don’t know how to bid strategically.

Honestly bid $0 if you dont think anyone is going after a TE. You could get them for free. But no more than $2 for either of them

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