Brady for Hogan and McKinnon?

I have Brady. My second QB is Tyrod.
My RBs are Elliot, D. Murray, Martin, Anderson, McFadden
I know Hogan is injured but McKinnon seems worth it by himself. Or should I hold Brady and hope my RBs come to form?
Also if I took the trade I would have to drop a player. The rest of my team is Baldwin, Shepard, R. Anderson, Kupp, and Fitzgerald
Graham at TE
Scoring format Full PPR

I️ would take that trade instantly. You can work the waiver wire for a second qb, but your rb Corp needs a boost from McKinnon right now. Hogan is a great upgrade too

Who would you drop for Hogan?

I would drop Kupp or Anderson. When he returns to full strength, Hogan is the best of that trio IMO.

Yeah I’m probably gonna go with Kupp. Thanks guys