Brady/Hunt for Saquon

I received this offer for Saquon. I have Stafford as my QB and my other RBs are Hyde, Powell, Murray, Montgomery, and Brieda.

I was thinking about countering with Brady/Hunt/Thielen for Stafford/Barkley/Landry. This would let me pair Thielen up with AJ Green and improve my QB while taking a little hit at RB.

Any thoughts?

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No…simply said…no

I got it backwards… If you are getting Brady/Hunt/ThIelen…then go

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My thoughts exactly, if you’re sending Barkley I think you do it. If you’re receiving Barkley I think you’re overpaying.

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Would you or @Ejm take Brady/Hunt for Saquon? I feel like that leaves me without a lot of scoring options if Hunt regresses. Trying to not overvalue Saquon but he seems like top 5 potential.

Probably not. Your RBs are pretty thin so downgrading there while only upgrading QB is a move I personally wouldn’t do. I’m the type to have 8 RBs on my roster and always try to get 2 top 12 though so take that into consideration.

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Yeah, we have a max of 6 RBs so I maxed out, but we’re an auction draft and 8 of the top 10 were keepers. I spent big to get Barkley after Bell went off the board. I want to upgrade my WR’s if I can so I’m hoping he’ll consider the deal with Thielen. But he’s a Vikings fan sooo…probably not.

Yet to be seen about Barkley. Hunt known commodity. I guess its a wash overall, and a risk as all trades are.
Brady will win his 6th Superbowl this year!!!

Is your league PPR?

If so, I’m personally very high on Landry this year. He got 15 targets last week and that was with Josh Gordon playing 69 of 89 snaps

Standard. But I’m still high on Landry, especially after 15 targets this past week. I think he could still be top 20 or better. It’s been a tough sell in our league so far. Hopefully he keeps producing.

Honestly, I think Landry’s perceived value is below where he’ll produce. I have him in standard too and I think he could crack the top 12 if everything falls right. The dude is so talented when it comes to getting open that QBs can’t help but give him the ball 10+ times a game. The more I think about it the more I think Landry for Thielen might be a push.

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My leagues are not ppr exclusively. So I never value slot recievers.

Thielen is the exception

Well, the guy turned down my counter. Thanks for the advice, guys.