Brady/McCaffrey for Stafford/Fournette

Just want opinions…

Half point PPR,
Current line-up
QB: Brady
WR: Julio Jones, Sterling Shepard, Robby Anderson
RB: McCoy, Ingram
Flex: McCaffrey

KB, Ginn, Woodhead, Tyrod

Trade Brady and McCaffrey for Stafford and Fournette or leave it be?


Dang that’s close. McCaffrey is a beast in any PPR mode, if it were standard it’s a no go for sure. I think I would barely take the Fournette side. I would look at the playoff schedules and if one set of players has a significantly better playoff schedule that might swing me one way or another.

That’s kind of where I was leaning, plus McCaffrey still has his bye. Stafford and Fournette both have pretty favorable schedules left too.

But Brady and McCaffrey aren’t too bad either. Kind of thinking McCaffrey won’t perform AS much once Olsen comes back, but it could help, who knows. Brady is running out of receivers with Hogan banged up too.