Brady/Melvin trade?

Here’s my roster:
Qb: Cousins and Wentz
Rb: Hunt, Hyde, Martin and Gore
Wr: Evans, AJ, Cooks, Kelvin, Pryor, Devante

I’m in trade talks with the guy who has Brady and Melvin Gordon… should I trade:
Cousins and Cooks for Brady… or
Cooks and Gore or Martin for Melvin.

Or me being 3-1 and the highest scoring team, should I just stay the course with my team as is?Full PPR

If you can get Gordon for Cooks and Gore, I’d do it in a second. I’d hold off on trading Martin in that scenario though. See how TB uses him next week.

I wouldn’t change with that trade. I LOVE gordon but he’s hurt. You have 1 top 3 rb, paired with 2 maybes and 1 safe backup so you’re good at RB with a solid set of WR.

I think the only thing i’d maybe do is try and flip a wr and qb for a better qb but honestly you can probably get a decent qb off waivers if wentz isn’t getting it done anymore.

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