Brady or rivers?

Which one?!

Tough call, I want to say Rivers, but he screwed me last week.

I think the Steelers are going to be tough at home this week after last week’s embarrassing loss.

With the injuries to all the running backs in LA, I want to say Rivers too. It makes alot of sense that he would be throwing like crazy in a matchup like this with all those injuries, I’m starting Justin Jackson as of now so I hope he steals those touchdowns for my sake, but Rivers would be my pick.

I live in NE, weei is the sports station up here, they were spot on about NE not playing well in Miami. This week they have been talking about NE, with Brady as QB, has been dominating in PIT when they have played there(haven’t looked it up, just taking their word for it). They also have a good run defense and all of Brady’s top receivers are healthy. NE will want to look good after a bad loss too. I would still lean Rivers, I don’t think you can go wrong with either one this week. Good luck.