Brady or Wentz - 2 questions

Question 1 - Who do I play this week. Brady v. Jets or Wentz v. Dallas?

Question 2 - Since they both have a week 10 bye… Who do I try to trade away?

Bonus Question - Could I get a RB1 or 2 for either of them?

10 team full PPR league.

Wentz this week cause an early lead could cause Pats to run more in the second half. Trade who ever can get you more value or keep the one that appears to have the safer second half/playoff schedule. Could get an RB2 likely. Just depends who needs a QB and who will let an RB with value go. Brady rarely loses in Nov or Dec. who would be a possible pick up? Darnold plays the giants week 10

Trade Offered … Brady for T. McLourin and James White. Thoughts?

I don’t hate it. I have mclaurin but he has a tough schedule the next couple weeks. Not sure how the redskins will do blocking to give him a chance at targets

Yeah, Both White and TM would end up on my bench but I need the depth. It unloads a QB so I can stream one during the BYE too.

I’m okay with doing the trade. Both are weekly flex plays. What qbs are Available to pick up now to not stress the guy you want on waivers the week of

J Winston?

Bye week filler not bad might get 10 points might get 30