Brady vs Tannehill vs Goff

With Stafford injured I traded for Brady a few weeks ago in desperation… since then I have picked up Tannehill and Goff is on the WW. 4pt passing TD… I’m leaning Brady for some reason… help me out, I need this win

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I would go goff or Tannehill. Goff> tannehill

All three are playable. Here is how my QB model has each projected this week:
Tannehill - QB8
Brady - QB12
Goff - QB14

No big mitigating factors with any of them, so I would go with Tannehill here. Also worth noting is that after this week Goff is entirely unplayable, so feel free to drop him and pick up a handcuff RB or another position of need when waivers run this week. My QB model is below.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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