Brand New League, Guillotine style

I found this, I absolutely love the idea and want to get a league going.
Simply put:
16 teams,
15 weeks,
1 Champion.
I’d like some kind of buy-in, low albeit, but around $20.
Format: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX. 0.5 PPR
It is a battle royale-type league.
Every week, each team plays against each other and the team with the lowest points is eliminated and their players are dropped to waivers.
$1000 FAAB.
Who’s in?


Played in one last year and playing again this season, they are super fun! Good luck!

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i’d be interested

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I’d be interested- did one last year lots of fun

Interested!! What is the platform?

Please let me know. Sleeper BuckmasterJo or

I’m interested!

I’m interested

I am in if any spots still available!!! I played in one last year, except the players were not released…… they were left for dead. Was still a blast.

I’m interested what platform we thinking?

Still room?

Hey everybody, looking like there is plenty of interest in this kind of league. I will try and get the league set up this weekend and shoot out invites to everyone. There’s plenty of room as we are going to need 16 teams

Very interested!


@jon_dupree @BuckmasterJo @Jroz64 @mattrowe19 @jayups34 @ccshmucko @Dmbassjoe @TheBoyJay @hillbillynerd I have one of these set up if anyone’s intersted my sleeper Id is abouttreefiddy