Brandin Cook hit the waiver wire

Reports today say he is expecting to be back within the next week or so. My WR corps is currently Edleman, Woods, DJ Moore, Alan Robinson, Josh Gordon and Robby Anderson. I guess I would drop Anderson for him but not sure that is much of an upgrade given the chances he continues to miss time (Sterling Sheppard) or gets hurt again. Interested in the footclan’s thoughts.

I’d drop Gordon. He hasn’t produced consistently since 2013 and people still think he’s fantasy relevant for some reason. Let another team clog their bench with him.

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Thank you. I live in Seattle and think I may have a little bias toward him because of his potential rather than what he will actually do. Saying that he now has Russell as a QB isn’t that big of an upgrade since he has had Brady for the past 2 seasons.

He will be the #3 or #4 choice on Seattle, which is what he was in NE. And you are right and that’s been my point, if you can’t produce with TB and the NE machine, why would I expect him to be any better almost anywhere.

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I dropped him in my league a couple weeks back. He wasn’t doing anything before he got hurt and I don’t trust that he gets back on the field and is the cooks of old before the fantasy season is all but over. I’d pass.