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Brandin Cooks for AJ Green Straight Up?


I’m afraid to let go of cooks, but the volume is there for Green. Thoughts?



I’d take this deal. Cooks boomed last week so stock is high but i think still isn’t quite in sync with Brady. Green stock has lowered because of Bengals struggles but they will pick up. Looked a for better team last week and you won’t be able to get Green at this price again i reckon


Take this right now. Stop thinking. This isn’t even close. Green is a top 4 WR in the league, at worst, and his team fired it’s OC largely because he wasn’t getting Green involved. He’s literally my top buy in the entire league at WR.


Green all day


I wish I would receive offers like this. Take Green and run


Green and hurry before they realize the mistake they are about to make lol


I actually drafted Cooks over AJ, that was a mistake. Take AJ and don’t look back, the consistent volume is fantastic!


Bought the hype hard, huh? You weren’t alone. Green is, in my book, the third best WR in the league. There are very few players I’d draft ahead of him.


Thanks for all the replies!

Alright so I shot him the trade back over and he rejected. I just pulled in Mixon and Martin yesterday so I said I’d sell him one of my RBs and he picked CHRIS THOMPSON. Talk about a sell high on a player with a floor I couldn’t trust week to week. So… It’s finalized—>

I get
AJ Green

I send


That’s still a fantastic deal.


Nice work enjoy Mr Green


Green over Cooks everyday, don’t think about it trade now.