Brandin Cooks for DJ Chark?

someone is offering me Brandin Cooks in exchange for Chark. Chark’s tape has looked very impressive this year. He kind of looks like a freak athlete and good route runner, but this might be enough to pull me away.

I have amari, TY and DJ moore

Jump up and down on your computer quick! Say yes! I wish I had that person in my league, the trades I would try.


My issue with this trade is I think you aren’t getting enough for how good Chark has looked. Dude has been on fire this season.

While The Secret Garden isn’t a household name or big time stud QB, he clearly has locked in on Chark and he is his guy. Cooks on the other hand is, in my opinion, the third option to Goff behind Woods and Kupp. I would probably pass on this trade.

With that being said, don’t freak out if/when Chark doesn’t do well tonight. It’s a Thursday night game, they never go well for fantasy.

Lol. Looks like @sdatkins and I made this just tad more difficult for you.

@Forty9Giants i hear ya that was my initial thought process. As ive thought it over i lean more towards taking it given cooks’ establishment in and consistency in the league (4 straight 1k yard seasons kinda tough to get that off my mind)

I just think you have a proven top 20 receiver vs a guy who is in his 2nd year and has had 2 games and doesn’t have a good QB. For me I go with the sure thing every time. Could I be wrong, yes. But I would not bet anything on DJ Chark continuing to be anything near what he has been so far.

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Fair enough. Cooks is for sure the safer bet and most likely wont give you a goose egg. Chark is for sure a more boom or bust player so going for the consistent proven WR is never a bad idea.

I feel attached to Chark having drafted him with my last pick and it makes it tough haha. I’m gonna take the next hour to think because if i make the trade i’d rather do it before the game

So what did you decide? :upside_down_face:

LOL wonder what he did

You do this now. As in pronto. The offensive powerhouse that is the RAms is not to be questioned. Do it.

Agreed. Even if there is a connection the chances of that QB being around after foles comes back is slim to none. Give me cooks.

100% take Cooks

Good lord run and accept right now. Chark is on my waiver wire in my league. Cooks is superior and it’s not even really close

In moments like these, it’s a gamble, you have the hot-hand of Chark who’s now done well in three games but could be limited in any given week, or the consistent battle-tested Cooks, while he’ll most likely get you points weekly, he’s got lots of other good wr’s lining up to be fed on his team as well, and goff has been spreading the love around, it’s not like Cooks has been really set up as a go-to wr1 with so many solid receivers on the rams roster. Logic will tell you go for Cooks, most will tell you Cooks, but hard to let a player like Chark go when hes killed it in points 3 weeks in a row now. Maybe you should use the ancient method of coin toss :sunglasses:

I did not take the trade to this point… At least Chark’s value didn’t diminish after last night’s game so i haven’t lost the trade opportunity yet

It’s not very often I come back to old posts but for some reason this one has been lingering. I’m curious, did you end up holding onto Chark? I sure hope so.

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