Brandin Cooks or Sterling Shepard

.5 ppr, should I start Brandin Cooks with rookie QB Davis Mills on Thursday night or Sterling Sherpard against a poor Falcons secondary?

I like Cooks but I think Shepard has a better game this week

Mills being in didn’t seem to stop Cooks from being targeted. That’s who threw him the td. Also sometimes rookies, for good or bad, hyper target one guy. Look at Z Wilson in the preseason and week one with Davis.

Both are good options. Check and see if the Giant’s TE has a chance of playing this week.

Do you happen to know how many times Mills targeted Cooks? Im not sure where I can find that stat

Maybe find a game log that lists the plays at ESPN or somewhere

Looks like at least 6 in a little more than a half of action.

Cooks was targeted 14 times and caught 9 of them. None of the other WR options in Houston caught more than one catch.
With that being said I don’t like playing the Carolina D with a rookie QB and a short week it has me real hesitant around him this week.

He asked how many time Mills targeted him in the game not total. Tyrod was in there until almost half. I agree with you about short week for a rookie QB. Cooks could still have a nice game and them get beat or it could be a total crap show and nobody on Houston does anything and they get blown out, but if they are down they will most certainly be throwing and you have garbage time. I think that makes Cooks fairly safe but he’s the only option I would want on the entire team.

yea I just noticed that my apologies, I’ll find out how many times mills targeted him. You’re absolutely right, Cooks has become Hopkins for this Texans team which leads me to believe that it doesn’t matter who’s under center he should still have a thousand yard season. Garbage time is the best time though, that’d be best case scenario I think, once Tyrod left that game I felt like all the momentum had left the team so I’m interested to see where Mills takes us.

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Awesome. Thanks for the help!

Cooks was targeted 10 times officially, there was an 11th target that was called back on an ineligible man downfield penalty.

Source: play by play drive summary.

Tyrod: 4 Tgts
Mills: 10 Tgts

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