Brandin Cooks owners.. What do we do with him?

I’m guessing he will be sitting for quite some time with this concussion.

In the same boat. Haven’t been able to trade him and now he’s hurt. Bet if dropped he’ll get picked up quick. All my WRs played like dirt this week. Is d thomas on the jets a pick up or only if Anderson is traded? Beasley, amendola or conely are my only other options but I already roster 7 WRs

Same here. Trying to trade him but being hurt doesn’t help.

I wont drop so will keep trying to trade or ride it out .

Might drop him for Geodert. Some TE needy teams. He’s been consistent the last few weeks.

Would anyone drop him for C Kirk or G Tate.

Standard scoring.

I traded him last week. If you have him I would not drop him. You can but you shouldn’t IMO. If he’s not on IR you hold or trade. I was there too.

I asked this same question earlier today, and I might have to drop him. Not only am I worried that this is going to be another Sterling Shepard type of a situation (missing multiple weeks), but the guy has not been the fantasy stud of yesteryear. I am in bye week hell (Julio, Rams D, Greg Zuerlein, Latavius Murray, and Brandin Cooks). I normally would not HOLD a DST or (especially not) a kicker, but this is a 16 team league, with only a 5 man bench. QB, DST, are so hard to come by… and I do consider Zuerlein “elite” (#1 kicker this year so far). So, someone has got to go. Cooks might have to be it.

Tough call.

Would anyone drop for G Tate or C Kirk


I’d swap Cooks of Amendola. Stafford likes him and he gets lots of targets every game (remember he had an injury so his early weeks are skewed)

He would be good in PPR for sure but standard not as much but you are right he has been getting a lot of targets

Just got someone to trade me Tyrell Williams for him.

true, I just assume PPR cuz that’s what I play in, and he’s been great in PPR past few weeks

nice, good move imo