Brandin Cooks Trade Offer

I was offered

IN: Kyler Murray and Juju
OUT: Brandin Cooks and Josh Allen

Thoughts? Thanks

I like Kyler slightly more than Allen but not a ton, and I actually like Cooks more than Juju.

Just depends if you need a QB more or WR.

i was just offered Juju, Hyde, and Murray for dalvin cooks

My team:
Josh Allen

Cook, Sony, Penny, Mattison, Walton
Michael Thomas, Cooks, Dede, John Brown, Nkeal Harry
Darren Waller


Hard no on that one. Cook is a top 5 RB and you are thin there already. Hyde is a low end RB2. Allen and Murray are comparable and I don’t see Juju doing much this year.

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What about Josh Allen, Michael Thomas, Sony Michel for Kenny G, Kyler, Josh Jacobs,

he added in devin singletary as well. super intrigued, but will lose the top tier WR in Thomas, but kenny g is sold and had bye already.

i would accept with the return of mason rudolph coming up

do you like juju or kenny g more?

Kenny G 1000%

what do you think about the

IN: Kenny G, Jacobs, Kyler, Singletary

OUT: Michael Thomas, Josh Allen, Sony, Nkeal Harry

i love it personally

though it’s tough giving up michael thomas with brees returning probably week 8

I’d call this a push, schedule dependent. But if Ju Ju Bee starts getting anywhere near back to last seasons form, you will have won this deal.

This year? Kenny G. no doubt. He’ll probably top 8 seasons end.