Brandon Cooks value ROS?

The schedule isn’t the greatest and that offense goes in so many directions. Should I pursue an upside waiver wire guy or go after someone specific? Should I sit tight?

I’m in the same boat. I had him the last three years and been happy, this year I’m disappointed. Think he has any trade value? I’m looking at Davis because I have wrs on bye week 10 and stills is on bye week 10. Imo I like having the a guy that seems more favorable to be the number one guy than stills that is number 2 or 3 depending how the game plan is with keke.

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Are you cutting Cooks to pick up Davis?

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I’m trying to get Metcalf. Juicy matchup and the TE situation is in flux. He could be big this week

Dropping josh Gordon


I could see that. Theres something going on with him. He’s got some “extra” going on. And they got Sanu so it’s just as confusing as ever

He’s just not the same player he was that one season and has moments but not doing anything consistent. He need to be high or drunk when he plays to do well lol


apparently yeah. And I can dig that. But I’m not a professional football player :yum:

The guys speculated on the podcast today that unfortunately that may be the case. If it’s not a little more than they’re letting on, why’d they give a 2nd rounder for Sanu? Ya kno…