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Brate for Olsen stash


I have Jimmy Graham and Cameron Brate now. Olsen is on waivers because of the injury week one but he is practicing. Should I drop Brate and grab Olsen for a stash for the playoffs?


I’m in a similar boat. Except I have Engram and Olsen. I really want a TE from a team that’ll be shooting for a playoff run. Both Engram and Brate seem off the table for that. Olsen seems like a fine stash on a team that’s been playing really well. Nippin’ on the heels of the Saint. I would love some thoughts on this as well.

Funny thing: I had Olsen earlier :laughing:


Had some other input and I️ did it. I️ dropped Brate for Olsen.


Me too! I feel better now.


Drop Brate for Olsen every day and twice on Sunday. As fast as you mortally can. You may now consider trading either Graham or Olsen for a better RB or WR option, whichever you’re weaker at, and just roll with a single TE. They should both have decent trade value.


Just dropped Brate myself.