Brate or Ebron?

for ROS. Tyler Higbee is also on waivers right now in my league.

Heuerman, Brate and Jonnu were all on WW. Ended up going with Brate, but was really torn on all 3. :thinking:

As for ROS…Heuerman has the best schedule. Don’t think we’re gonna see much out of Ebron going forward. Could be wrong…just got a feeling.

Higbee has put up a good showing since Kupp went down, but RAM’S other TE Everett could be a problem for Higbee.

Brate > Ebron

Is Everett on waivers too or just Higbee?

I’m assuming your question was for @michael05. But for me, yes he is.

Brate. Ebron is TD dependent. Winston loves TE’s Brate should be a fine play

Everett is on waivers too. His 2 TD came during crunch time tho so i believe it was just one thos games for him. Higbee played more snaps and was targeted more

I’d go Brate, too