Brate or McDonald?

Brate plays @BAL and @DAL and McDonald plays NE and @NO weeks 15 and 16. Who would you take if you need to roster one in a standard league?

I am carrying them both. Did not feel comfortable with Brate’s schedule. McDonald has an ideal schedule. He isn’t a big part of the offense, but he is going to be in shootouts. I’ll take my chances of having a piece of the shootout games. The only game i’m considering McDonald over Brate is this weekend, but even then, I’m starting to lean McDonald. Berry even put out a “love/hate” piece today and loves McDonald but hates Brate.

Yeah I like his schedule much more than Brates and like you said, his opportunity to be apart of shootouts. Dallas is playing really well and I dont think id want to rely on him @BAL next week. Would you drop J. Adams or Baldwin for McDonald? I ideally wouldnt want to carry 2 TE.

Same here. I don’t want to either. The only way i’d carry only one TE is if i had Ertz, Kelce, Gronk, Kittle or Ebron though. If OJ was healthy i’d be rolling with just him.

I’d probably drop Baldwin, if he is your worst WR. WRs are a dime a dozen on the waiver anymore.

I have Brate, McDonald AND Burton.
I would never have more than 1 TE in the season but it’s playoffs.
I will most likely drop Burton but I want to see what he does with Trubs back in the mix.

I’m starting Vance this weekend.

DAL and BAL aren’t that bad against TE honestly. I’m currently carrying both. You can go Vance next two weeks and then Brate vs DAL in week 16.