Brate or Vance Dance?

.5 ppr- Since O.J. is sitting out this week should I play Brate over Mcdonald? Brate and Winston have chemistry and I can see Winston throwing to him often vs. the Titans D. However, McDonald could be thrown to often vs. the crummy Dolphins. Thoughts?

I’d go Brate. Better offense and QB. Have seen in the past that Winston likes to throw to him particularly in the red zone.

I think Pittsburgh tries to pass as little as possible.

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It looks like Walker isn’t practicing. Smith or Brate?

Thoughts anyone?

I’d still go Brate. Jonnu still needs that breakout game. It could be this week lol but Brate has shown a connection with Winston plenty of times

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I get the connection but TBs D is a tad worse than Titans and I can see Tannenhill exploiting that TBs back a bit. I am streaming Tannanhill so yeah lol.