Brate or Walker? Need more opinions please!

Which TE would you play? I’m always struggling with this decision as I want to ride the flames but Walker has such a nice matchup this week. Granted he didn’t do anything withy it last week I feel like he eventually had to have a game. The other half more dominantly tells me to ride the flames with Brate though even through a bad matchup.

Walker is your safe play Cleveland straight giving it up to the TE. Brate has been getting the TDs though but a hobbled Jamis and the Bills matchup- his streak may come to an end. I’m playing brate cause t hats who I have but I’d start walker if I could this week

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Yeah, think you gotta go with Walker. But Brate is great. You don’t have much of an issue here.

Should I try my luck even with Walker injured?

No of course not. He is really tough, and hardly misses any games, but if it’s iffy about game time just go Brate.

I would go with Walker. He has the better matchup.

Brate, hands down. He’s top 3 te