Breaking Bad Guillotine $35 LS

Expert Paul Charchian developed the unique concept of Guillotine Fantasy Football leagues. There are no head to head matchups yet the lowest scoring team each week is eliminated for the season. Here is the crazy caveat: the entire roster of the eliminated team is dropped and available for pickup of players through blind bidding acquisition. Breaking Bad Guillotine League (BBGL) incorporates his core principles with its own 3rd round reversal draft and a scoring system similar to the Scott Fish Bowl.

17 teams - payout top 3…. Slow 3rd rd reversal draft in August.

Want to Join? Email me at and include (a) your full name (b) email address © team name (see available list below)

Bogdon’s Eyebrows / Box Cutters / Skinny Pete and the Badgers/Spooge’s ATM/ I.F.T