Brees, Baldwin, McCoy -- Mike Evans, T. Coleman, Wentz

Brees, Baldwin, McCoy for Mike Evans, Tevin Coleman, Carson Wentz.

I would be receiving the Brees package. My thought is the upgrade in QB, and potential upgrade in RB. Obvious downgrade in WR, but I have M. Thomas as well. In our league we can include FAAB cash considerations, and I would get $5 as well.

The question here is, 1.) if Baldwin and the Seattle offense does what they always do after a slow start and if he stays healthy. And 2.) If Evans and the TB offense takes a hit with Winston coming in.

I would pass. mccoy will be a headache ROS between that enemic offense and his injury history. I think Wentz only gets better as the season progresses and Mike Evans will continue to get fed, regardless of who plays QB

I always like getting the best Flex player in a trade, i like mccoy if you have room and can spare a few weeks til he gets going, I prob wouldnt do this trade cuz difference in evans and baldwin is way too large. I’d need a better RB packaged


Brees, McCoy, John Brown for Wentz, AP, Sterling Shepard.

I may have to give some FAAB money to put it over the finish line. But I think I like this one a lot better.

I own MT and Brees, the stack is nice however I think that trading QBs is pointless and you’re just trying to grab brees. Wentz will still be dominant with alshon back. I’m not a big shady fan since he plays on a bad offense and AP is just a work horse.