Brees or ftizmagic this week?

Brees is playing the Falcons and fitz is playing the steelers, both have chances to be shootouts. Am I crazy to consider starting fitz over brees this week? I also have mike evans so I’d have the fitz and Evan’stack

I’d play Brees. Saints Falcons game has a chance to be a shootout

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Lol @ Football. No one would have thought a couple weeks ago that this would be a question, and yet it is. The “draft Marshawn Lynch for floor” in me says Brees. But the “wow look at that beard AND Harvard degree” in me says FITZMAGIC.
(that and the record setting pace)

I would still roll with Brees. At worst, he gives you 200 yards and a TD.

I don’t think you can go wrong with either, but I’d probably lean toward Brees as safer. Fitz might have the bigger boom potential, but he is also more likely to bust.