Brees or Goff ROS

I have Goff who has been decent enough, but Brees owner just picked up a 3rd QB and I may be able to acquire. Should I go after? If makes a difference, I have Michael Thomas for the stack.

I only question how much it’s going to cost you to get him. While he’s not going to fall off a proverbial cliff, the return of Ingram SHOULD keep him from having to throw quite as much going forward. If you’re paying for his performances over the first 6 weeks, then you’re likely overpaying for what SHOULD be a tad of a regression in the 2nd half.

I’d ever venture a guess that said Brees owner is preparing to move him anyhow, so he may have a big haul in mind.

Yeah I question that too. Since he has 3QBs, I may be able to turn a decent WR for him just because it’s a 1QB league…but if he wants to hold then it may have to be a package trade in which I think Brees’s name might make him overvalued. I’m wondering if a 3-team trade is a better way to go for the team who needs a better QB and has additional WR pieces.

BUT…you think they’re pretty comparable? I’ve been pleased with Goff so I don’t want to rock the boat, just looking for a slight upgrade if it will be better down the road.

I’ve been a Goff guy for a while now, and with a coach who lets him play and a RB that keeps defenses guessing, he’s got one of the highest floors in the entire league. I’d be riding Goff all day and let the Brees owner burn a roster spot.