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Brees, Prescott, or Wilson ROS?


Looking to finish building my playoff team. I have Brees but am looking at the other two as well as possibly Goff to play the matchups.


Wilson in front then Prescott and brees at similar. I wouldn’t go chasing Prescott as it’s all so confusing with or without zeke you may just want to stick to dependable drew


Would you trade Brees for Wilson then?


I would if I had the option


I agree. I’d take Wilson over brees


Would you guys think a trade of Brees and either Doug Martin or Adrian Peterson would be a good trade? He needs a RB and I have way too many because I have Zeke, Gurley, and Shady plus Alfred and Smith to handcuff Zeke.


He won’t trade you brees for Wilson strait up?


He’s pretty stuck on keeping Wilson I think unless he can upgrade a skill slot. He’s 3-6 so he’s looking for wins as our last place in the league has to get a dark spray tan lol.


Only other option would be to try and put together an offer for Carson Wentz which is ultimately who I have to worry about in playoffs.