Brees Trade Help

.5ppr 12 team (*=in Line up)

My team:
QB: R. Wilson*
RB: Zek*, Gore*, Stewart, D. Martin
WR: Fitz*, Dez*, Julio*, Ginn, Shepard, B. Coleman

He has
QB: Brady*, Brees, and Rogers
RB: Blount*, J. Rogers*, Karma, Turbin
WR: Hilton*, Marshall*, R. Woods*,J. Doctson, J. Brown, B. Fowler

I tried to offer something for Brees but he keep coming back wanting Zek and Fitz. I think that is too much.

He offers me: Brees/ Karma for zek/fitz
I counter with Gore/Ginn for Blount/brees

Nothing is working. What would be a good trade for Brees? Do I need to trade? Would you trade Brees for Zek after this week, since Martin is back and we don’t know about the court situation? Thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

First off, that guy is trash. Let him hoard QBs and losses while you racked up Ws. QBs are never worth top 5 backs or receivers. Wilson is a fine QB, and you’ve got great roster depth.

If your heart is set on Brees, wait a week. His only decent back will be replaced by Martin and you can really put the screws to him for Brees.

I agree. You have a fine QB. The differnce end of season between Wilson and Aaron is not going to be the differnce if you give up top tear WRs or RBs.

Try Fitz + Stewart? or Fitz + Gore? They are both older and I don’t see them sustaining much.

Or maybe D martin straight up for Brees? He is not proven this year yet. There is a chance he has a bad season.

Thank you you guys confirmed my thoughts. I am just going to let it play out. I dont need him. Jusy wanted validation and make sure i am not being picky. Thank you both.