Brees trade

12 team full point PPR. I have:
-Brees and Mahomes
-Zeke, Drake, Aaron Jones and Tarik Cohen(just lost Ajayi)
-Mike Evans, Alshon, Golden Tate and Golladay

Should I trade:
Brees, Kenyan Drake and Golden Tate
Jordan Howard and Josh Gordon

No. You’d be fleecing yourself. Drake is what he is… but Howard and Gordon are just names at this point. Not people you’re excited starting right now. I’d don’t put much value in QB’s, but Tate is the most valuable piece here, and Brees could be 2nd. PPR I’d want Howard and Gordon for Tate, and even then I don’t know how I’d feel about it. Get the Howard and Cohen thing, but Chi RB aren’t really pushing out huge fantasy points to support 2 RB there

I think you should trade Brees because they will run a lot more but you can get a lot more for him. Get an extra player out of that trade