Breida and Burton for Ertz?

I know this trade was on the ballers episode today and I like it. But I’m just wondering if I have the RB depth to afford to move the RB2 potential in Bredia. This is a full ppr. 12 team league with two flex spots. Here are the rest of my RB’s:

Dion Lewis
Royce Freeman
Bilal Powell
Corey Clement

I’d do the trade. Mainly because I’m selling high on Breida anywhere I can. The lions can make any running back look like Todd Gurley. Just look at Crowell/Powell from week 1. That’s one of the worst rushing defenses I have ever seen. ALf is also still leading the backfield in both snaps and carries and I don’t expect breida to break a 60 yard TD run every week.

Also with Wentz coming back, this is your last chance to buy low on Ertz. With the TE landscape as trash as it is, I’m happy locking down an Ertz unless you are comfortable streaming.

I honestly don’t think Breida is much better than Freeman/lewis/powell.

I agree but I part of me thinks they’ll start to phase Alf out of the rotation more but who knows.

Doubt it. Breida can’t handle the work load. Going to continue this usage I think. Maybe a 60/40 mix if he’s lucky. And I don’t think he’s going to continue at these efficiency levels.

This thread gave me a good trade idea too

breida and kittles for ertz

I would make that trade, I dont see Breida keeping this up

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Do it. I have Burton this season, I’m starting Ebron this week over him. He should still have a nice season, but Ertz will without a doubt be the better guy at the end of the year. It does hurt you a little at RB, but through the rest of the season you have plenty of depth to make it through.

What about L. Murray and Rudolph to the Cook owner for Ertz? I have Gordon, Conner, Kerryon and Drake but would consider the upgrade at TE major. Providing the Cook owner his handcuff and a solid TE for Ertz, just thinking

I forgot I was playing the Ertz owner this week. Does that change any answers?