Breida/Andrews/Darrell Williams for Henry/Hollywood

10 Team PPR

Give: Breida, Andrews, Darrell Williams
Get: Hollywood brown and D Henry.

What do y’all think of this??? Offered to me today. Who wins? And does it improve my squad?

QB: Watson
RB: Mack, Kerryon, Carson, Breida, Darrell Williams, Singletary, D Montgomery, R Penny
WR: Davante Adams, M Evans
TE: Engram and M Andrews

I’d do this. You’ll play Henry regularly and occasionally brown.

Auto-yes… you’re really only losing Andrews, but you’ve got Engram so no loss really… Hollywood and Henry are every week auto-starts IMO

giving up your backup te and two bench players for two quality starters. definitely a good trade imo.

Thanks y’all. My hesitation is that I am not a Henry believer at all. Sometimes it’s hard to think beyond my beliefs.

Henry may be the most underrated player in fantasy… he’s right in the running with Kamara, Elliott, Mack, Bell, DJ on the year (of that group, Kamara is the only one ahead of him, by 4 points in .5 PPR)… mostly performing as expected R1 picks and people still doubt him… you can doubt him too if you want but you’ll be doing it at the bank… he’s a legit RB1 that’s fully capable of RB1 overall… he did it last year in the last few games…

I was amazed he was being drafted so low… he’s a 250 lb man that runs a 4.5 and can stiff-arm a defensive tackle… the tools he’s working with are kind of insane really… and his offensive line is mediocre at pass protection but all of them can maul in the run game…

No fear… do it