Breida for Cole?

Hi Everyone I am in a 12 team, 5 player keeper league.
I am trying to figure out if I should trade Breida for Keelan Cole. The guy with Cole just lost Mckinnon for the year.

My RBs: Kamara, Hunt, C. Thompson, Breida, D. Martin
My WRs: A. Brown, J. Gordon, M. Jones Jr, Watkins, K. Benjamin, Crowder

Should I try to deal Breida for Cole. or should I hold onto him?
Forgot to mention, this is a Non-PPR league

Honestly i’d hold him. You have solid RB starters so can afford to watch him this week and next if needed and WR wise Cole will be down the pecking order there anyway, certainly if Gordon proves to be back him and AB will be in every week anyway so you’ll have a lot of good options fighting for your flex, chances are Cole doesn’t win that battle many weeks.

Plus if Breida is the guy and starts to put up solid numbers by week3 and looks like a potential lower end RB2 he’ll be worth a lot more. Keep him for depth and if you want to trade at least find out what you have, the value is all wrong right now because you need to assume some kind of ceiling but trading for Cole would have arguably been the right value before McKinnon went down not now his a potential starter each week, at worst a nice flex play with upside which again is hard to find.

Thanks @James89 I guess I may be over valuing K. Cole. I just see him as the out and out #1 in Jax, plus based on his performance the last four weeks last season (Non-PPR: 10.9, 15.9, 24.6, 10.8) he is enticing to me. With Lee out I honestly feel he is safer and has a higher ceiling than both Watkins (unproven 2nd yr qb) and Benjamin (Buffalo - nuff said)

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Hey i agree with Cole, he’s the number 1 and over Benjamin for sure and what we’ve seen of Watkins and Mahommes i agree its a worry.

From a value standpoint though as it is today Breida over Cole by some margin, even in PPR formats the guy still profiles as the pass catcher so has a floor and being a starting RB is much harder to find. Also the way Bortles has been so far if he starts slow again theres nothing to say Cole wont be on the wire again and you can scoop him up.

I’m facing a similar dilemma in keeping Allison or drop him for Cole. I know Cole is the 1 but Allison is getting targets from Rodgers and could have to throw 40+ TDs this year for GB to go the distance and Cole even as a number 1 target has his ceiling capped by a run first approach and a dominate D and an average QB who can blow very cold and very hot in equal measure. Cole has value for sure but i think tempering that vs the team situation is important here, he could still end up just a mid level WR2 and probably not a week to week consistent one at that.

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