Breida for Ebron

Was offered Ebron for Breida.

I have an immediate need at TE with Olsen out and Dissly out for the year. My league’s waiver wire is extremely thin with Kroft and Vannett leading the pack. My RB’s are Ingram, Michel with Lev Bell coming back in a few weeks.

Based on my RB depth I feel like this isn’t a bad move but looking for some second opinions, thanks

What RB depth? Ingrahm and Michel are the only active RBs?

no no no no no no no do not do this trade

to elaborate breida is an RB2 dont let this past week fool you. Ebron is a mediocre TE with huge TD dependency. When doyle returns his targets will go down as Doyle is the featured TE in indiapolis. Keep breida and if you want a TE target Kelce, Ertz, or especially Gronl

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True, but my league settings allow for 1 rb to start while I can start 3 receivers (Hill, Theilen, edelman, callaway) and a flex.

It doesn’t seem like the depth is there to go after those guys but I agree with the sentiment.

The guy also has Kittle. Does a counter for him make this more logical even though the 9ers have their own QB consistency issues?