Breida for Howard

What are the thoughts on this trade… is breida in the same category as Howard now with the year he’s having?

If your getting howard i would definately take it.

I’m not getting Howard but I was thinking about offering dude needs a rb his other is Hyde and no one but Ronald jones after… but I got Allen Robinson idk how much of the naggy spread it around to everybody offense players I can truely have and feel safe starting

Edit: I would be getting Howard I just haven’t offered and it hasn’t been offered to me… I am currently the breida owner… also my bad he has both jones… Ronald and Aaron

Nagy may be the spread it around coach but Cohen was a scripted play against Tampa. He cam out and said that since he could hurt the d with a quick small rb instead of a bruiser like Howard. I’d take Howard you still have alot of football to play and he’s the bell cow. And nagy came out the week before Cohen broke out saying he need to get Howard more involved. And chi is a much better team than the niners which will script better for a rb