Breida or A.Jones ROS

Which one do u grab in standard?

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AJ. If for nothing else, based on health alone. But I also think hes way more talented and on a way better team. YOu just saw them go into arizona and put up like 3 points at the half. Is that really an offense you want any part of?

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I think the packers figured something out yesterday by giving 12 carries to jones.

Not yet. If they figured it out, Williams and Ty Mont would’ve have been seeing the field. If they give Aaron jones 20 touches that game, they probably would’ve won.

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With Ty Mont’s even worse than usual play in that game, I wouldn’t be surprised if they do make a shift. That fumble and terrible pass blocking was hard to watch.

How do u feel about C.Thompson as a start this week

They figured they had to think about giving jones the ball*** xD