Breida or Damien Williams ROS

Standard league scoring

STD scoring make me want Breida.

I am looking at offering a trade of Henry and Curtis Samuel for OBJ and deciding between Breida and William’s. I am weaker at receiver and have Chubb and Carson as my top 2 backs

Standard scoring Breida all the way. .5 PPR it becomes a harder choice. full point Damien.

Even with the recent O Line issues in San Fan and return of Coleman??

49ers offense is legit, Shanahan isn’t going to stop running and as we’ve seen in the past this offense can support multiple RBs having great weeks. KC has its own O-line issues and Damien splits touches with Shady. However, KC is much more invested in the pass while 49ers are invested in the run.

Very true. The guy also has Josh Jacobs but he may be hard to get with my offer due to his big week last week. Thoughts on that??

if you can get josh jacobs with either of these guys I would do it. I don’t like oakland’s offense, but Jacobs has proven he knows how to run the ball and Gruden is learning that he doesn’t have a franchise QB.

Do you think Henry and Samuel are enough for OBJ and Jacob’s??

Derrick Henry and Curtis Samuel? I think I would keep OBJ and Jacobs, but doesn’t hurt to try.

K. Thanks for the input