Breida or Michel

Breida is safer but Michel has way bigger upside. Thoughts ?

I’m not sure that Breida is that much safer. You never know when he’s gonna break something on the first snap. If he plays, Michel.

That’s the problem. Michel might not play but I won’t know till Sunday night.

Breida is at least playing.

michel!!! he’s practicing and was even practicing last week. i think he’s going to play


Michel has been getting in limited practices since late last week. I’m willing to bet that he plays…BUT I’ve got Amari Cooper on the bench to fill in on Monday if he doesn’t go. The upside is worth the risk, IMO. Maybe stash someone playing Monday? Good luck!

Tough. I have both and thankfully dont have to start either. In this case though I think I go breida based on matchup and qb. I will always play Sony over him if definitely healthy and playing.

hope you listened and didnt play breida lol

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