Breida or Mostert

Do I drop Breida for Mostert? They play SF this week and Oakland next week… will whoever starts have a big game?

Yikes, you can’t drop someone else? I’m a Breida owner and did pickup Mostert cuz whoever starts should have a BIG game… Breida should sit out this week and be back next week.

I would not want to drop Breida, after Breida gets healthy Mostert is close to nothing. Id want both this week so I’d try and drop someone else.

Hope Brieda rest and gets healthy for next week , Brieda’s schedule is amazing ongoing

Don’t drop Breida but gwt Mostert. A lot of people are worth dropping for Mostert as a Breida owner already. I’m trying to get Breida within reason but even extra Bc I have Mostert and reiterate above comment about ROS schedule. it is amazing. I worry/question Shanahan a lot tho. Not just Bc he blew the super bowl for me. Letting Breida play on that ankle still is just an evil thing to do imo. But I’m biased Bc I wasn’t mostert to go crazy this week. I realize they are still statistically in the playoff hunt. I think a loss this week ends that though almost entirely. So if it’s close Breida might play if he’s healthy enough. Juszczyk also is around and Morris sometimes when KS remembers he’s still on the team.

Don’t have Breida, but did add Mostert. Breida showed at practice and was listed as “limited”. Worst possible situation… he is probably going to try to start and whether he plays the whole game is a big question. It would be better for fantasy if he’d either sit or be sure he was able to play.

My other choices are the crap-fest with JAX, Yeldon or Hyde. May still play Mostert, hoping he gets carries.

I have no other options to drop lol

I would not drop Breida for Mostert if this is your only choice. You are mortgaging the rest of the for a one week play that may not even work out. Breida should be the guy when he is healthy so I’d hold onto him. Maybe drop your kicker right now and hold onto both until up to game time, then hopefully they announce a starter and you can drop the other and pick up another kicker.