Breida owner here: who do I drop for Mostert?

Standard League:

1 RB slot
2 WR slots
1 TE slot
1 Flex slot

Wrs - Green, Allen, Fuller (ouch), Robinson
Rbs - Zeke, Lindsay, Breida, Collins
Tes - Graham, Howard

With limited RB plays, is it worth chasing the Mostert matchup this week, if so - who do you drop? Or would you stand pat?

You only have 1 rb spot?

Yeah…standard scoring and 1 RB slot. I was going to pick Mostert up but at most I can only play 2 RBs a week by using flex spot…

Never seen 1RB spot lol I wouldn’t chase him then. There must be better players out there than Mostert for 1 week. Good handcuff player to have thought

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Wouldn’t you drop Fuller? He’s on IR right? Otherwise go with Lindsey and Collins… I have Breida as well and have a sneaky suspicion that if Breida can’t go, they’ll cycle in too many other options… remember when we all thought Alfred Morris was going to be the next in line? He’s still there last I checked… very juicy matchup though…

@KING_OLAF, you bring up a solid point. And I can’t drop Fuller as I started him lastnight.

To @memo_hc - i am gojng to stand pat. And yes, the single RB slot is silly. The Commish’s reasonings for it are asinine.

Thanks for the input.