Brieda or Powell .5 PPR

Need to chose my flex between Powell and brieda.

Breida is your more active player here. Go with him

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I would go with Powel. Jets could be from behind and catching passes dumping off from the rook

Im there in one league, im feeling much safer with the production from powell and prob equal ceiling

also on powell…he was the starter last week, got the same amount auf rushes and is the clearcut No1 in passing situations…if crowell didnt score the long td we wouldn’t ask him this week!

I would lean towards Powell here.

I’ve got the same dilemma. It’s about as close as it gets between the two. I think the bigger factor for me is Goodwin being ruled out should open up more in the passing game for Breida. Last week was most likely game planned for Kittle, so Breida’s 2 targets should go up quite a bit.
Game script in SF could be a shootout if Stafford bounces back.

Leaning Breida