Broncos Bounce Back or Bears?

Which D do you trust this week? While AA-ron hasn’t been the QB he once was, he is still Aaron Rodgers, and the broncos d just pooped the bed in what should have been a favourable matchup.

Do you stick with the bears and hope for a week 1 repeat, or do you figure the broncos can shut down chubb and baker for a solid week?

It looks like Wolfe will be back for the Broncos which should help. The Packers haven’t been the best this year, but Rodgers still doesn’t turn the ball over, and that’s important for fantasy defense. I would play the Broncos unless I just wanted a safe floor from my defense which the Bears will always give you

Tough call. I am considering benching Denver Def this week. Harris is the cog that makes that defense work. Wolf returning will help. They have been giving up avg of 350 + passing yards per game since week 11. The reason I would still lean towards using them is that Baker is young and has shown he will turn the ball over. Denver is still able to get after the Qb too.

As stated Rodgers doesn’t turn the ball over but the Bears are a nice option as well. I don’t have that option though. If you start Bears I would expect floor numbers. I still think they sack Rodgers several times.